PTSA Scholarships

The PTSA supports Woodside High School students by providing college scholarships to seniors every year. Please check back later in the spring for details about how to apply for the 2019 scholarship.




In the past, we gave out $5,000 in scholarships to 10 students annually, but decided to adjust the program last year to award five $1000 scholarships. These scholarships are given to Woodside High School students who have demonstrated the Eight Conditions of Student Success:


  • Belonging – Feeling like you are part of a group while knowing you are special for who you are.

  • Heroes – Having someone who believes in you and who is there when you need them.

  • Sense of Accomplishment – Being recognized for many different types of success, including hard work and being a good person.

  • Fun & Excitement – Enjoying what you are doing, whether at work, school, or play.

  • Curiosity & Creativity – Asking “Why?” and “Why not?” about the world around you.

  • Spirit of Adventure – Being excited to try new things, even when you are not sure if you will be good at them.

  • Leadership & Responsibility – Making your own decisions and accepting responsibility for those choices.

  • Confidence to Take Action – Setting goals and taking the steps you need to reach them.


  • Evan Farrar
  • Luis Espino Cervantes
  • Maya Gotthard
  • Pearl Zhou
  • Ria Calcagno


2017 Recipients

  • Tanin Barzanian

  • Hector Betancourt

  • Dianyara Butler

  • Hayley Chavez

  • Danielle Daniels

  • Fabian Gutierrez

  • Chase Hovden

  • Emma Lara

  • Alyssa Montalvo

  • Esmeralda Soto-Sierra

  • Nicole Taylor

  • Kimberly Torres

  • Susana Vasquez Munoz

  • Marissa Velez

2016 Recipients

  • Michelle Adler

  • Alma Covarrubias

  • Jennifer Cuevas

  • Matthew Hennefarth

  • Olivia Lara

  • Lauren Ringman

  • Mariana Silverman

  • Dona Aboud Syriani

  • Langley Topper

  • Edward Tuttle


2015 Recipients

  • Elizabeth Gonzalez Cerna
  • Maria de la Paz
  • Hermosillo Real
  • Lauren Holland
  • Madison Holland
  • Taira Hovden
  • Carol Lopez
  • Irene Mendez Ortega
  • Mary Robles
  • Juan Miguel Rosario
  • Phaedra Saxon