We're still seeking volunteers for several positions (indicated by asterisks*; see job descriptions here). Email us if you're interested in volunteering!


Presidents: Christina Holland & Heather Hopkins

Vice-President: *Open

Secretary: Debbi Jansen

Treasurer: Clyde Pinto

Parliamentarian: Karen de Sola-Smith

Auditor: Stephen Washington


Membership: Julie Chandik

Staff Appreciation: Lisa Marrow & Lisa Putman

Apple for the Teacher Grants: Lorraine Akemann

Open House: Naomi Reynolds

Communications: *Open

Buy-a-Brick: Naomi Reynolds



Class of 2022 Chair: Alicia Young

Class of 2023 Chairs: Lauren Greenberg & Evro King

Class of 2024 Chairs: Amy Doss

Class of 2025 Chairs: *Open