Woodside High School PTSA 2017-18


President:  Charmaine McCrystal

Vice-President: Kimberly Kauer Postlewaite

Secretary: Elisabeth Hamon

Treasurer: Ming Ikehara


Membership Chair: Amy Harber

Hospitality Co-Chairs:  Susy Segre Politi & Limor Wilks

Student Scholarship Chair: Maria Surrichio

Apples for the Teachers Chair: Julie Chandik

Open House Chair: Tamiko Verkler

Communications Chair: Lucia Tedesco


Auditor: Hilary Klopp

Historian: Carrie Lyle

Parliamentarian: Kristine Reis


Class of 2018 Chair: Naomi Hiller Reynolds

Class of 2019 Chair: Rebecca Glenn

Class of 2020 Chair: Mary Sacco


OPEN POSITIONS- Buy a Brick Chair


Our general email is, we do our best to check this regularly but it may take a couple of days to get back to you.  If you need something urgently, please email Charmaine McCrystal at



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