PTSA Meeting Schedule

Come one and all to the monthly PTSA meetings! We don't bite and we won't make you volunteer for anything. To our knowledge, a fight has never broken out, chairs have never been thrown, but you don't want to miss out on the excitement if it does happen. #PTSAFOMO


*Meetings for 2020-2021 will take place via Zoom until further notice.* When back on campus, meetings take place in the MUR conference room and begin at 7 p.m., with some exceptions for special events. The MUR is the big room in the D Wing, near the quad with the main cafeteria. The conference room is up the small staircase near the stage.


2020-21 meeting dates - in English and Spanish

September 14, 7pm
October 6 (with ELAC), 6:30pm
November 2, 7pm
December 1 (w/ ELAC), 6:30pm
January 11, 7pm
February 1, 7pm
March 1, 7pm
April 6 (w/ ELAC), 6:30pm (Join)
May 3, 7pm (Join)