Volunteer Recognition


Every year the PTSA honors the many unsung heroes at Woodside High School. We are recognizing these volunteers based on our 8 Conditions for Student Success.



  • BELONGING – Feeling like you are part of a group while knowing you are special for who you are.

  • HEROES – Having someone who believes in you and who is there when you need them.

  • SENSE OF ACCOMPLISHMENT – Being recognized for many different types of success, including hard work and being a good person.

  • FUN & EXCITEMENT – Enjoying what you are doing, whether at work, school, or play

  • CURIOSITY & CREATIVITY – Asking “Why?” and “Why not?” about the world around you.

  • SPIRIT OF ADVENTURE – Being excited to try new things, even when you are not sure if you will be good at them.

  • LEADERSHIP & RESPONSIBILITY – Making your own decisions and accepting responsibility for those choices.

  • CONFIDENCE TO TAKE ACTION – Setting goals and taking the steps you need to reach them.


Look for the form in the spring semester so you can nominate your favorite volunteer!


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