Welcome Class of 2021 Families!


Welcome parents and families of students of the Class of 2021!  Please join us at the first PTSA Meeting and Social which will be held on Monday August 29, 2017.  We will convene in the patio in front of the MUR- the main lunch room- for a social at 6:30 p.m. and then move to the MUR Conference Room for our first meeting of the year.  We will need at least 4 representatives to join our PTSA Board to come to our monthly meetings to start networking for the parent community.  The Board will work with the reps to organize social events to facilitate parent connections throughout the year.  This is the year to get to know our school and get acquainted with parents from your student's class along with parents of students from other classes.


Also, you can make a donation to the Class of 2021 Committee when you join.  These funds can be used by your class reps to coordinate events such as Senior Brunch in June.  All funds raised over the four years will ultimately go to underwrite a Senior Grad Night when your student graduates.


Welcome to the Wildcat Family! 





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