Welcome to the Class of 2019 Parent Class Committee


Purchase a discounted Grad Night ticket now with your PTSA membership. You must be a current PTSA member to access the special early bird price of $50. This is a limited time offer. To purchase online, first purchase your PTSA membership. Once a current member, you will be able to see an option for purchasing the Grad Night early bird ticket. See below for a step-by-step guide.


All students must have a completed waiver on file to attend Grad Night. Please fill out the waiver and either email to whsptsa199@gmail.com or mail to us at school at PTSA Class of 2019, 199 Churchill Road, Woodside, CA 94062.


Please note that a breathalyzer is used at check-in and we have a zero tolerance policy. No refunds are given if the breathalyzer is failed. 


Compre un boleto con descuento Grad Night ahora con su membresía PTSA. Debe ser un miembro actual de PTSA para acceder al precio especial de $50. Esta es una oferta de tiempo limitado.


Encuentre la exención de idioma español aquí. Por favor complete el formulario y correo electrónico a whsptsa199@gmail.com o enviarlo por correo a PTSA Class of 2019, 199 Churchill Road, Woodside, CA 94062.


Tenga en cuenta que se utiliza un alcoholímetro en el check-in y tenemos una política de tolerancia cero. No se otorgan reembolsos si falla el alcoholímetro.


Help with Grad Night check out

Please pay for your membership first and close the tab after purchase and open it again to have the information updated. Next - and for those who already signed up - go back into your account like below to order the Early Bird Grad Night Ticket:
1)  Go to Account >> Drop down to  My forms/paperwork (account may be listed under home depending upon the size of your screen)
2) Select the form called "2019 Grad Night Ticket Early Bird for XXXX
3) Add to cart (we've heard that the text doesn't always pop up)
4) Proceed to Checkout>>