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Grad Night is a Woodside High School tradition for all graduating seniors. This all-night party is a once-in-a-lifetime experience where seniors get to celebrate with their class ONE LAST TIME.


Woodside’s Safe and Sober Grad Night Party will be held on Friday, June 8, 2018. As In past years, our venue is kept a secret until the kids arrive at the location. Rest assured, there will be hours of fun, games, entertainment and food planned throughout the night.


Here are some important things you need to know:

      Grad Night is only open to all WHS graduating seniors. Students in other grades and from other schools are not permitted.

      All Grad Night attendees need to be at WHS, in the MUR by 6 PM to allow time for check in.

      All students attending must travel by buses that leave from the high school. Buses will depart at 6:45 PM SHARP and return to WHS by 2 AM.

      Food will be provided throughout the event, so don't fill up before hand.

      This is a SAFE & SOBER event. Breathalyzer tests will be administered before leaving the MUR and boarding the bus. Students will NOT be allowed to attend the event if they are under the influence of ANY substance. Event policy dictates that if there is any underage drinking or drug use, parents will be contacted to pick up their student.


      What to bring: leave bags and purses at home. These items will not be allowed on the bus or at the event. WHS, the PTSA and the parent & student groups of Class of 2018 and the event venue and coordinators will not be held responsible for lost or stolen items. Cell phones are ok.

      What to wear: Casual clothes, layers for later in the evening and preferably not flip flops. WHS dress code is in affect.

      This is an indoor/outdoor venue. Temperatures can be warm inside and cool outside




On sale now for $75

To purchase your ticket, go to Account -> My Forms/Paperwork


Please note that you need to login/register to purchase a ticket.



If your student is in need of financial assistance to purchase a Grad Night ticket, please have them talk to their counselor.


 Any questions about graduation or senior year, please contact Naomi Reynolds at




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